Fisherman’s Daughter: Good Morning!

Good morning from the Fisherman’s Daughter!

This pretty morning I was actually on  bait dock duty!…which basically means waiting for people who need bait, ice and/or need to unload the morning trap haul.  Also! I get peeler duty:)  I have to grab the softcrabs out of the tank BEFORE their “buddies” eat them:/  (and y’all thought I was kidding when I said Fisherman’s Daughter!)

Today was special because my great granddad took his annual trip out fish trapping today! My sweet waterman daddy takes him out at least once a year.  There were technically 4 generations on the boat today!  Grandaddy D., his daughter (Ru Ru) my daddy and my little brother!  Here are a few pics I was able to snap in between customers!


Daddy and Granddaddy D.


My “little” brother;)




One more shot for “coolness” sake



My daddy sorting food fish from bait


imageThe “Miss Dottie”

The best part?…lol…I get to do it all over again tomorrow morning;)  Let’s just say fishing in any form isn’t really recreational for me!  Fish slime with a hint of crab is my summer perfume:/ Lol!



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