Rag Bag Quilt Top: Starch & Iron

It’s a beautiful spring day in the south!  Perfect for opening the windows and starching a quilt top.

I have repaired all of the little holes and skimpy seams on the Rag Bag Quilt Top, so now I’m going to starch, pin and sew the quilt back together.  It’s currently in two pieces + two new strips to take the place of two old strips that were in tatters.  After ironing and sewing the rows together I’ll need to square the quilt up.  I’m thinking no borders.  Just hand quilt as is.  It should be a cute little quilt when I’m finished…fingers crossed!


My favorite starch…Mary Ellen’s Best Press



I’ve run into quite a few crisscrossed seams that need to be clipped and ironed correctly.  Here’s a quick peek;)


1.Carefully snip the seam… being careful not to cut the stitching!

2.Flip and iron the seam in the correct direction…and you’re done!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy;)


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