Antique Quilt Top: Thrift Shop Find!

I found this very interesting antique quilt top at a local thrift shop the other day.  (I’m calling it The Rag Bag Quilt;) It needs some minor repairs…a few pieces that need to be replaced or sewn over, a few seams that need reinforcing and it should be good to go!  I LOVE the craziness of the pattern and colors.  Some of the fabrics date mid to late 1800s on through the early 1900s.  One thing that fascinates me are the multiple prints in different colors.  Almost as though it was made from an array of factory samples.  The older looking fabrics have been hand pieced (very beautifully I might add)  the lighter newer prints have been machine pieced with what may be 1/8″ seam allowance. (Thus the need to reinforce a few seams;) Evidently hand sewing was this quilters strong suit!



I’m ironing a few seams to re stitch on the machine this afternoon.


I love old quilt tops.  The history is so mystifying!  Who was the maker and why didn’t she/he finish?

I’m looking for a good neutral backing for it.  I’m thinking maybe a repro shirting or maybe some actual mens shirts might go just as well!







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